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Elligibility & Rules

Application Deadline

January 31, 2024

The purpose of this competition is to select up to 4 winners and to provide these Calgary musicians with the opportunity to gain rehearsal and performance experience with orchestra in preparation for future national and international competitions.


The competition is now a regular program of the Calgary Civic Symphony, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Calgary.


This competition:

  • is designed to give both Calgary students and Calgary teachers concerto experience.

  • expects a high standard of performance (Grade X minimum).

  • selects a maximum of four (4) winners, based on 

    • their ability to perform with orchestra, 

    • their musicianship, 

    • and personal involvement. 


If a participant applies and is subsequently deemed to be ineligible, the registration fee will NOT be reimbursed.



  1. All participants’ primary teacher must be a Calgary music teacher who has primary residence in Calgary, or teaches at an institution in Calgary.

  2. The competition is NOT open to students who have taken lessons or coaching with an incoming Juror within the previous 12 months prior to the competition. 

  3. The competition is open to applicants who are 18 years or under on January 1st of the competition year and who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents/landed immigrants or have applied for either.

  4. The final decision regarding the eligibility of a competitor lies with the Rotary C3 governing committee.


  1. This competition is open to AMATEUR competitors defined as a music student who has neither an agent nor manager and who does not charge a fee for performances as a soloist with the competition instrument.

  2. A competitor may win a maximum of two times but after each win must skip one competition year before re-entering whether with the same instrument or another.

  3. A competitor may enter with different instruments but will be considered a winner with only one instrument.

  4. Participants will present ONE MOVEMENT of a work for Solo Instrument and Orchestra (typically the 1st or the last of a concerto; no slow movements), or a SHORT ONE MOVEMENT WORK.  The work MUST BE a minimum Grade X difficulty. If you are unsure of your selection, contact a member of the Rotary C3 organization for clarification and approval.

  5. The work played at the competition must able to be performed as a stand alone work with orchestra as part of a larger concert. If you are unsure of your selection, contact a member of the Rotary C3 organization for clarification and approval.

  6. Competitors are responsible for their own accompanist.

  7. You MUST provide THREE (3)  SCORES  (one for each judge) ALL showing solo AND orchestral reduction . ONE (1) of the scores must be an ORIGINAL. A registered digital copy may serve as one of the scores.

  8. All selections must be performed from memory for both the competition and concert performances.

  9. Winners must perform the competition selection in the final concert. No substitutions allowed.

  10. It is MANDATORY that winners be available on request for all rehearsals as scheduled by the orchestra.

  11. COMPETITORS AND ACCOMPANISTS must be prepared to perform at any time during the competition dates. No changes will be considered. 


  • Winners will perform with the Calgary Civic Symphony as part of the Civic's Seasonal programming in the Jack Singer Concert Hall at Arts Commons in Calgary. The winners are expected to: 

    • Attend all rehearsals as agreed upon with the conductor

    • Perform at a Rotary Club meeting prior to the concert date. The work(s) played for this short performance is up to the winner.

  • Runners up will perform in a recital prior to the concert, in the lobby of the Jack Singer Concert Hall. They may also be requested to play for the Rotary Club of Calgary.

  • Both Winners and Runners up must provide a professional quality picture and biography within 2 weeks after the competition.



  • A maximum of four (4) winners will be selected. 

  • A maximum of four (4) runners up will be selected.

  • Approval for non-standard works must be done by the Rotary C3 committee; please contact

  • The decision of the Jury is final and may not be contested.

  • Each participant will receive a written critique of his or her competition performance from each Juror.

  • With the exception of the Artistic Director of the Calgary Civic Symphony, jurors will be from out of town, and not immediately involved in the musical life of the city.


Revision date: JULY 6, 2023

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