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Thanks to the Calgary Folk Club for providing the live stream for the 2024 Compeition.

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Friday March 8, 2024

Saturday March 9, 2024

Sunday March 10, 2024

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A Unique Competition For Young Calgary Musicians

Since 1981, this competition has provided a platform for the best young classical musicians in Calgary, aged 18 and under, to demonstrate their skills. Each competitor performs an accompanied movement from one of the renowned concertos in the classical music repertoire. The competition attracts talented instrumentalists (non vocal) who have dedicated themselves to mastering their chosen instrument.

The winners of the competition are given the unique chance to collaborate with the Calgary Civic Symphony in a dedicated concert. Rehearsing and performing with a symphony orchestra is an invaluable experience for young musicians, as it allows them to refine their skills, learn from seasoned professionals, and gain exposure to the world of professional classical music.

The venue for this concert, the Jack Singer Concert Hall at Arts Commons, is known for its acoustics and grandeur, making it an ideal setting for such a performance. The winners have the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of an audience, accompanied by the Calgary Civic Symphony, further enhancing their musical growth and development.

Overall, this competition serves as a vital platform for young classical musicians in Calgary, providing them with an incredible opportunity to display their abilities and collaborate with a full symphonic orchestra. It's an event that celebrates and supports the next generation of classical music talent in the community.

Your stepping stone to national and international competitions!

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