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Thank You to our Sponsors

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This competition is generously funded by a gracious donation from the Rotary Club of Calgary Downtown.

The Rotary Club of Calgary Heritage Park sponsors the Runners Up of the competition and provides financial support for these rising Stars.

Rotary is an organization of business, professional, and community leaders who come together through commitment and fellowship to create opportunities and a better future for generations who follow in our community and around the world.

Michael Lipnicki Fine Pianos Ltd. is Calgary's Premier Piano Store! The top piano manufacturers in the world today are categorized as Tier 1 pianos. Our store represents 4 of them and is the ONLY store in Calgary where you can purchase a Tier 1 piano.

Michael Lipnicki provides one of the competition pianos as well as tuning of the pianos.

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The Calgary Folk Club
Thanks to the Calgary Folk Club for providing the live stream of the concert through their Vimeo channel.
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