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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Q: I just want to ask how many audience are allowed to watch a particular competitor.

A: no more than 5

Q: What are the dates of the competition

A: Saturday March 9 AND Sunday March 10, 2024


Q: Where can I find the rules?

A: On this website under “For Competitors > Eligibility & Rules”.


Q: Can I get a recording of my performance at the competition?

A: We will be professionally recording your performance. If you’d like this great quality recording, you’ll need to order your copy for $40. Why the cost? Because it takes a lot of time to extract your performance and prepare it for downloading for you. Once you have your recording, it is yours to use as you wish.


Q: What do I do as an accompanist, if I have a conflict of dates for the competition?

A: If you suspect there may be a conflict on a specific date/time, please LET US KNOW NOW! Once the schedule is set and communicated it is extremely difficult to change. If we are prepared (and some accompanists have been gracious enough to inform us before the deadline) we can do our best to accommodate. WE WILL NOT MAKE CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE AFTER THE DEADLINE of February 15.


Q: Can I get a refund if I cancel my participation?

A: In respect to all the volunteer hours to plan and prepare the competition, all registrations are NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.

Q: What if my work is lower than Grade X?

Please come back and enter when you are ready to perform at the Grade X level and higher. If you're not sure check with your teacher and/or the Rotary C3 committee (send an email to

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